MiniTest 725FN1.5 Coating Thickness Measurement

SKU: 725FN1.5

The intelligent solution for coating thickness measurement

  • Modular design made-to-measure
  • With built-in, external or convertible sensors
  • Bluetooth for data transfer to a PC, Tablet-PC or smartphone
  • Wireless sensors
  • Special miniature and tube sensors

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Technical Data

Dual sensors Automatic recognition of the substrate material with FN sensors
Data memory 10 batches for a maximum of 10,000 readings (MiniTest 725 and
100 batches for a maximum of 100,000 readings (MiniTest 745)
Memories can be partitioned as needed.
Statistical evaluation Number of readings, min, max, mean value, standard deviation,
coefficient of variation, single value statistics, blocks statistics
(norm-conforming / freely configurable)
Calibration modes Factory calibration, zero-point-, 2-point-, 3-point-calibration, cali
bration method “rough”
Calibration procedures
according to international
ISO, SSPC, “Swedish”, “Australian”
Monitoring of limits Visual and audible signal output
Measuring units Switchable from metric (μm, mm, cm) to imperial (mils, inch, thou)
Measuring rate 70 readings per minute in the single mode
20 readings per second in the continuous mode
Continuous mode For quick identification of thickness variations
Operating temperature – 10 °C … 60 °C
Storage temperature – 20 °C … 70 °C
Data interfaces USB and Bluetooth
Power supply 2 pcs batteries, type AA (Mignon); rechargeable NiMH batteries,
type AA/HR6 as an option. Battery or rechargeable battery setting
option to adapt to the matching nominal voltage
Norms and standards DIN EN ISO 1461, 2064, 2178, 2360, 2808, 3882, 19840,
ASTM B 244, B 499, D7091, E 376, AS 3894.3, SS 1841 60, SSPC
PA 2

Standard Supply Schedule

  • MiniTest, model 725, 735 or 745
  • SIDSP®-sensor according to choice
  • Set with calibration foils and zero reference plate(s)
  • Operating instructions in German, English, French and Spanish on a CD-ROM
  • Shoulder bag with belt clip
  • Batteries (2 pcs, type AA Mignon)
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate
  • MSoft 7 basic data transfer software

Recommended Accessories

  • Measuring stand for F 1.5, N 0.7, FN 1.5 and miniature sensors
  • Protective rubber cover
  • MSoft 7 professional data evaluation software
  • MiniPrint, portable data printer
  • Bluetooth Smart-adapter

ElektroPhysiks Range of Products

  • Coating thickness gauges
  • Wall thickness gauges
  • Pinhole detectors
  • Cross hatch cutters
  • Asphalt layer thickness measurement

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