83S Extremely tough cast profile with vials that can be read from all sides

SKU: 83S

Especially suitable
for craftsmen who subject their
tools to extremely demanding
conditions and need to measure
in all positions; for example, in
bricklaying and reinforced concrete construction.

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• Tough cast aluminium profile
• This spirit level has vials which can be read from
all sides, which makes it particularly practical –
the horizontal vial can be read from 4 sides and
the two vertical vials can be read from 3 sides
• Large finger-grip openings for easy and
comfortable use
• The spirit level with two precision-milled
measuring surfaces does not leave behind any
discolourations on the surface; for example, on
fair-faced brickwork
• Continuous bridge over the horizontal vial
increases the stability of the profile
• Easy cleaning – dirt can be removed thanks to the
electrostatic powder coating
• High-precision measuring in all positions
• STABILA installation technology ensures longterm accuracy – measuring accuracy in normal
and reverse position: ± 0.5 mm/m

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Made in Germany



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