80T Spirit level always the right length for the job

SKU: 80T

Printed metric scale to work out internal dimensions and clearances.
LOCK system to fix the set length

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High-quality telescopic system for extending
the measuring surface – the spirit level can
be pulled out to the length needed
• Marking and cutting edge along entire
length – measure and mark simultaneously,
even when extended
• Printed metric scale to work out internal
dimensions and clearances
• LOCK system to fix the spirit level at the
length required – prevents inadvertent
changes to the set length
• Integrated anti-slip stoppers allow for a firm
hold when marking – the spirit level does
not slip
• High-quality extension mechanism ensures
high measurement precision – in normal
position: retracted ± 0.5 mm/m and
extended ± 1.0 mm/m, in reverse position:
retracted ± 0.75 mm/m and extended
± 1.0 mm/m
• Plastic end caps protect the profile
against impact

SKU Price Add Thang đoĐộ chính xác khi chưa kéo ( °độ)Độ chính xác khi kéo( °độ)
18879 $74.07
63 – 105 cm0.029°(INP) - 0.057°(IRP)0.043°(INP) - 0.057°(IRP)
18880 $81.93
80 – 127 cm0.029°(INP) - 0.057°(IRP)0.043°(INP) - 0.057°(IRP)
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