70M spirit level, High adhesion for hands-free work. Stabila Germany

SKU: 70M

If you are looking for a level with strong rare earth magnets, this is the right one to fit your needs. Countless professional builders have used the Type 70 M as their level of choice. They are reliable and very accurate. And thanks to its rare earth magnets it has a strong holding-power on steel. Because of the large range of sizes you have the ability to level across spaces from 30 cm up to 200 cm. As with all STABILA levels the vial is precisely aligned with the measuring surface then locked together ensuring long life accuracy.



Light spirit level with aluminium rectangular profile and strong rare-earth magnet system for adhesion to metal objects – leaves the hands free for aligning and adjusting pillars and supports.
Easy to clean thanks to the smooth sides and electrostatic powder coating.
Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact.
STABILA installation technology ensures long-term accuracy – measuring accuracy in normal position of ± 0.5 mm/m.
Equipment: 1 horizontal vial, 1 vertical vial, rare-earth magnet system (up to 5 times stronger than standard ferrite magnets), 1 coated measuring surface.

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02871 $31.42
02872 $38.16
40 cm0.029°yes
02143 $41.52
50 cm0.029°yes
02874 $43.77
60 cm0.029°yes
02875 $54.99
80 cm0.029°yes
02876 $138.04
100 cm0.029°yes
02149 $145.90
120 cm0.029°yes
02877 $157.12
150 cm0.029°yes
02878 $168.34
02879 $179.57
200 cm0.029°yes
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