159KU Series Ball end hexagon key, extra long, DIN ISO 2936

SKU: 159KU

For inside hexagon screws
For use in awkward areas
Swivel angel up to 30°
Ball profile on the long side
Nickel plated

Price from: $2.24$10.10
(Price just for reference only)


159KU Series Ball end hexagon key, extra long, DIN ISO 2936. Elora Germany
Chrome-Vanadium 59CrMoV4 / 1.2242

SKU Price Add Size đầu lục giácOveral lengh
159KU-1,5 $3.37
1,5mm81,5 x 14,5mm
159KU-2 $2.24
2mm87 x 18mm
159KU-2,5 $2.24
2,5mm92,5 x 9,5mm
159KU-3 $3.37
3mm103 x 22mm
159KU-4 $3.37
4mm114 x 29mm
159KU-5 $3.37
5mm133 x 32mm
159KU-6 $3.37
6mm156 x 36mm
159KU-8 $5.61
8mm178 x 43mm
159KU-10 $7.86
10mm200 x 50mm
159KU-12 $10.10
12mm226 x 57mm
159KUA-1/16 $2.24
1/16 inch81,5 x 14,5mm
159KUA-5/64 $2.24
5/64 inch87 x 18mm
159KUA-3/32 $2.24
3/32 inch92,5 x 19,5mm
159KUA-1/8 $2.24
1/8 inch103 x 22mm
159KUA-5/32 $2.24
5/32 inch114 x 29mm
159KUA-3/16 $3.37
3/16 inch133 x 32mm
159KUA-7/32 $3.37
7/32 inch142,5 x 32,5mm
159KUA-1/4 $3.37
1/4 inch156 x 36mm
159KUA-5/16 $4.49
5/16 inch178 x 43mm
159KUA-3/8 $6.73
3/8 inch200 x 50mm
159KUA-1/2 $7.86
1/2 inch293 x 63mm
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