1362-S Set of twist drills HSS-E 19-25 pcs, according to DIN 338 type N

SKU: 1362-S

Rising by 0,5 mm
In plastic folding box
High capacity twist drill bits, completely ground
High true-running accuracy
5 % Cobalt content provides additional strength and wear resistance

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ELORA No. 1362-S19: 19 pcs
ELORA No. 1362-S25: 25 pcs
From Ø 3 mm split point according to DIN 1412 C
Point angle 130°
For steel, cast steel, alloyed and non-alloyed (up to 900 N/mm²), hot and cold work steel, heat-treated and case-hardened steel as well as stainless and acid-resistant steel

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1362-S19 $69.58
1362-S25 $140.29
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