106T Spirit level especially suitable when working in wood construction and carpentry

SKU: 106T

Especially suitable for aligning and adjusting large components when working in wood construction and carpentry. Also suitable for reinforced concrete construction when positioning prefabricated building units.

The strong adhesion of the rare-earth magnets is needed for metal construction in particular – the craftsman always has his hands free when aligning and adjusting components.

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SKU Price Add Thang đoCó nam châm hay không?AccuracyĐộ chính xác đảo ngược thước
17708 $432.08
183 – 315 cmno0.029°0.057°
17709 $316.49
213 – 376 cmno0.029°0.057°
17710 $359.14
186 – 318 cmyes0.029°0.057°
17711 $389.44
216 – 379 cmyes0.029°0.057°
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